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ana a.k.a goddess
ana a.k.a goddess

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PostSubject: MY PERFECT GUY   MY PERFECT GUY EmptyWed Apr 16, 2008 12:36 am

What I want in a guy, if you really must know.
He will be perfect.
He will be smart, not smarter than I, but smart enough.
Someone who is mysterious, never seen,
but people know him by his name.
That's a guy. And I think I found mine.
He is in my school, he is mysterious and cool.
1st and 6th period is where he is seen.
His name is ______________, oops,
can't you know that mysterious thing.
He is funny, smart, cute, and all that I need.
His quiz is coming soon, so get ready.
Girl love him and think he is funny,
but what they don't know is that he is mine.
Someone romantic is someone that he is like.
Don't mind me, but that is what is on my mind.
I follow my heart and choose my guys wisely.
I don't choose them by what they look like or how they think,
if they are right for me I give them a chance,
if not then we are done.
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