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 little bird..big bird

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PostSubject: little bird..big bird   little bird..big bird EmptySun Sep 30, 2007 8:46 pm

"So...", the little bird asked the big bird, "this is heaven?"

"No, no, my dear, the skies you flew in before you arrived here from earth, that was heaven. This? This is just home, from whence all get to choose their next heaven."

"Earth, heaven? It didn't feel like heaven! I didn't see heaven!"

"Did you look?"

"N-No, because they... everyone... told me heaven was next!"

"And you believed them?"

"Well... it was so hard, so scary, so lonely."

"Was it always that way?"

"N-No. Not always. But when it wasn't for me, it was for someone else!"

"You'd have preferred?"

"Friends galore! Laughter every day! Challenges I could handle! Abundance I could spend! Health I could use! And, well, incredible "you know what"!

"But... you had all that, didn't you? And more."


"Yes, oh."

"But not all the time, day in, day out, served on a silver platter!"

"Well, believe it or not, little friend, that would have been hell."

Funny... birds talking about heaven, huh?
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little bird..big bird
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