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Fraternity of Initiatives and not Paparazzi

There are times paparazzis can’t just give up to their dreams of having gotten inside an icon’s private life. I had watched a lot of movies involving this menacing papparazis.
I for one sometimes had the feeling of becoming a fanatic or illusionist but not being a fanatic of some popular actor or actresses. In my case, I am a fan of fraternities and sororities, I admire them a lot due to their mutual cooperation and unity to form a successful organization that will enlighten their views and aspirations in life.
Being a member of a fraternity does not mean that you are above others, “remember that under the natural law we are all created by God as equal to our brethren” our man-made laws also treats us equal, having equal rights and privileges in the society we are living with. So much for the laws because I am sick and tired of memorizing it without even understanding it. Now back to the topic, engaging in a fraternity is exciting and sometimes boring for the reason that one who engages in it has either lack of interest or lack of initiative. I pose a question now for you my wide readers, what is important in an organization, is it initiative or interest? I cannot answer that for you, it is up to you to decide because I am not a party to your case. We are all unique individuals having different answers depending on our views and perceptions. But for me, it is INITIATIVE that is more important for the reason that without which no one can act but you alone and the rest will follow. Isn’t it? You may agree with me or disagree. Having an initiative is like having a good common sense in the sense that you act in accordance to what you believe in and what you ought to know to be right and just for the benefit of the organization. Having no initiative will put a person in a phenomena that is called “spoon feeding” as Atty. Morales always does to his students. The act of Atty. Morales is good when it comes to academics but what we are talking here is about organization. Forgive me Sir Just, anyway you are not reading this.
An organization will slowly die or fade away into the open pit of extinction therefore every member of the organization must have the initiative to act, broaden the horizon of the organization, bring it to the spotlight, make third person believe and they will surely be guided and thereafter FOLLOW to the extent of being now a member of such organization.
Members shall be loyal to its organization as a dog is loyal to his master. I guess this is all, I am tired of thinking due to school pressure. Ows? Wen ay heloww… Thank you for reading this article, it may be useful or useless to the reader but who cares, the writer merely expresses his own view and as an exercise of his freedom of the press and of expression.
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