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 Time to go Global!!!

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PostSubject: Time to go Global!!!   Wed Apr 16, 2008 4:36 pm

I noticed that it has almost been a year since this forum has been created and yet the membership has not even reached 30. Sis Ana also called my attention to this matter and I could say that each one of us has a job to make this forum grow...
In line with this may I suggest that whenever we have time or everytime we log on to our friendster accounts, blogs etc. make it a habit to check the forums and if possible, post a message for us to know if ur still alive.
May I also request everyone to provide links to this site or write "www.silaw.forumotion.com" on ur friendster, multiply or blogs for people to see.
Pls. help make this site useful so that our efforts won't go to waste thank you.

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Time to go Global!!!
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