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 sino ti maka itured? # 4

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sino ti maka itured? # 4 Empty
PostSubject: sino ti maka itured? # 4   sino ti maka itured? # 4 EmptyThu Nov 22, 2007 7:50 pm

Most don't realize it, and few stop and wonder, yet from the extremely limited perspectives afforded by our physical senses, it is impossible to know what we really, really want in material or circumstantial terms, because there is always "more" that we could be asking for than we can even see. More insights, more rewards, more FUN.

Of course, we have ideas, and by all means we should pursue our material and circumstantial dreams, but as we knock on doors and turn over stones, perpetually think...

"This, or even better...."
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sino ti maka itured? # 4
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